English Essay on Computer Technology For Odisha Exam

May 28, 2020

English Essay on Computer Technology For Odisha Exam

Welcome to Odisha Free Job Alert, here we provide an Enlgish Essay topic computer technology which help to your all odisha competitive and government exam .

english essay on computer technolgy for odisha exam
english essay on computer technolgy for odisha exam

English Essay on Computer Technology

In this article on computers, we are going to discuss some useful things about computers Modern computers have become an important part of our daily lives Also, their use has multiplied over the past decade Nowadays, they use computers in every office, whether private or public Humanity has been using computers for decades In addition, they are used in many fields in agriculture, design, equipment manufacturing, defense and other fields. After all, they have revolutionized the world
The history of computers

It is very difficult to find the real origin of the computer But according to some experts, computers existed during World War II. Also, at the time they were used to store data But, it was only for government use and not for general use After all, in the beginning, computers were very big and heavy machines

The work of a computer

The computer runs in a three-phase cycle such as input, process and output. In addition, the computer was asked to follow this cycle in every process In simple terms, the process can be described as follows The data we feed on the computer is input, the CPU work is the process and the results that the computer gives.

Components and types of computers

The simple computer core consists of a CPU, a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. Also, there are hundreds of other computer parts that can be attached to it These other parts include a printer, laser pen, scanner, and so on.
Computers are categorized into a variety of categories such as supercomputers, mainframes, personal computers (desktops), PDAs, laptops, etc. Mobile phones are also a type of computer because it meets all the criteria of being a computer.

The use of computers in various fields

As the use of computers increased, so did the need to use computers for their work in almost every field. Also, they have made it easier to work and sort things out Below we mention some important areas that use a computer in their daily Nandin work.

Medical Field

They use computers to diagnose, run tests, and find solutions to deadly diseases. Also, because of the computer, they are able to find a cure for many diseases


It helps in scientific scientific research, space research or any social research computer. Also, because of them, we are able to keep an eye on the environment, space and society. Space research helped us explore the galaxies Scientific research has helped us find sources and other useful sources on Earth.


For any country, its defense is paramount to the safety and security of its people In addition, in this case, the computer helps the country’s security agencies to identify a threat that could be harmful in the future. Use them to keep an eye on our enemies in all defense industries

Threat from a computer

Computers have also become a necessity, they have also become a danger This is because of the hackers who steal your personal information and leak it on the internet Also, anyone can access this information There are other risks such as viruses, spam, bugs and other problems.


Computers are an important tool that has become a useful part of our lives In addition, computers have twin faces on one side and this is a prohibition on the other. Its use depends entirely on you Besides, there will come a day in the future when human civilization cannot survive without computers because we are so dependent on them. To this day it is a great discovery of mankind that has helped save the lives of thousands and millions of people.

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