English Essay On Wonders Of Science for Odisha Exam

May 29, 2020

English Essay On Wonders Of Science for Odisha Exam

Welcome to Odisha Free job Alert, here we provide a english essay on Wonders of science which help to your all odisha competitive exam. 

wonders of science

Wonderful Science Essays: Looking back on the era when a man lived a life of death, we noticed how far we had come. Similarly, the evolution of mankind is truly admirable One of the main driving forces behind this is science It makes you think of the wonders of science and how it has proven to be an inspiration in our lives. Most importantly, science has helped to develop a great civilization All the progress of man has been made only with the help of science However, it would not be wrong to say that science is a two-edged sword It comes with its own advantages and disadvantages
Benefits of Business Science

It would be a waste to say that science has many benefits The benefits of science are not limited to just one area, it has proven to be useful in a variety of areas around the world When we talk about innovation in science and engineering, electricity is the first thing that comes to mind. It has helped power the world through its development

In other words, all credit goes to science, because it was not for science, life would be impossible in the 21st century. After all, it’s hard to imagine a world without computers, medicines, television, AC, automobiles and more. In addition, science has made a significant contribution to the field of medicine.

It has helped cure deadly diseases and has also undergone surgeries that were previously difficult to do. So science has changed the world in an imaginative way

The problem of science

Just as there is a saying, “There is no rainbow without rain,” so science has its problems. One must always remember that too many things are poisonous, and science is no different If it falls into the hands of evil, it can lead to destruction on a large scale For example, science is used to make nuclear weapons
These are deadly to create wars and destroy entire countries. Another problem is that it is contaminated Due to science, the world has become more industrialized and pollution levels have risen. All high-tech industries are now polluting water, air, wood and other natural resources.
Later, this industrial growth has increased the unemployment rate because machines are changing human labor. So, we see that it also has a lot of problems
Finally, we can say that science is certainly very beneficial for modern humans. But, inventions and discoveries have also been destructive in various ways to humanity


So it needs to be used properly for the greater good of mankind We need to ensure the intelligent use of this scientific scientific invention to protect science from the evil side of science. As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said that science is a beautiful gift for humanity, we should not distort it, just as we need to keep an eye on survival and use according to this quote.

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