Odisha BED Arts Syllabus 2020 PDF | Odisha BED 2020 Exam Pattern

May 16, 2020

Odisha BED Arts Syllabus 2020 PDF !!! Odisha BED 2020 Exam Pattern

odisha bed 2020 arts syllabus pdf

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Our post today is related to Odisha ODISHA BED Entrance 2020 exam! As you all know that more than 3 lakh candidates take BED exams every year Candidates who pass the test are BED Provides Mark Sheets and Certificates The certificate is valid for the state government’s teacher recruitment test Many of you have asked me for a PDF of Study Material (BED EXAM STUDY MATERIAL) for ODISHA BED ENTRANCE 2020, so in view of your needs today, in this post, we present you with the best PDF for BED 2020 Exam Pattern (BED EXAM PATTERN), BED  2020. EXAM NOTES PDF) And let’s talk about the Oidsha BED Arts 2020 syllabus

As you all know thatBED SYLLABUS and other state TET exams are almost the same! If you read the details with the syllabus, it will help you a lot in the exam

Many of you must have filled out the BED 2020 exam form, so today we are going to tell you about BED 2020 syllabus, BED exam pattern, BED previous year paper, BED model paper, BED practice set and all other notes and PDFs about Odisha BED  2020 in this post. Can get We will try to focus on how you can also download PDF for free. Which will be through both Oriya and English! So that you will be able to ensure your success in this test! Save this post in your browser’s bookmark!

First of all, we will discuss the Odisha BED 2020 test and then for the preparation of BED 2020, you will also be provided with PDFs, model papers, practice sets and other study materials of the previous year paper and you will get details of each of these tests. We will also provide syllabuses

First of all, we will talk about the test framework of BED 2020 and then for the preparation of BED 2020, you will also be provided with PDFs, model papers, practice sets and other study materials of the previous year paper and you will get details of each of these tests. We will also provide syllabuses

In addition, we have all these PDFs available in our Telegram Group, from which you can download them! You can join our telegram group with the help of the link below!

Odisha BED Entrance 2020:

Odisha BED Entrance 2020: D.El.Ed (BED) Entrance 2020 Application Form, Qualification, Syllabus is available on SAMS Odisha website samsodisha.gov.in.

Every year TE & SCERT conducts the BED  Entrance Examination 2020 for eligible candidates in Odisha. Once successful in entering the city, they can be admitted to the Diploma in Primary Education (bed course.

Here you can find all the details about the BED Entrance 2020 application form, qualifications, syllabus below in this post. Please scroll through this page for more details


Dates for Odisha CT Entrance 2020

Online BED Application Form  June 2020 1st week
Online BED Closing Date June Last week
Online Payment Date June to July
BED  Entrance Exam  Agust 2020 sept 2020
BED Admit Card  Sept 2020
Official Website  www.samsodisha.gov.in


How to Apply Odisha BED Entrance 2020

1. SCERT Odisha SCERT invites applications for the Odisha BED Entrance Examination 2020 for the Odisha Admission 2020 course.
2. Odisha BED Entrance Application Form 2020 will be available from April 2020 on SAMS Odisha’s official website www.samsodisha.gov.in.
3. Candidates can apply only for online mode for BED Entrance Exam 2020, no offline mode will be available for BED applications.
4. The Odisha BED application form has started (expected) from the first week of April 1 and the end of submitting the online BED application form is the last week of April (expected). As such candidates are advised to fill out the application form before the due date
5. Before you apply for the Odisha BED Entrance 2020 Online Examination Online Common Application Form (CAF)
You should go through the prospectus which is available on the SAMS Odisha portal or apply by going to the link below in this post.
ODISHA BED Entrance 2020 Exam Pattern

You all know that BED exams have 2 sections,
Section 1
Section 2
1. Selection courses for admission in  (General, Urdu, Telugu and Santhali) will be conducted through an entrance examination.
2. There will be two sections in the online computer based test
3. The whole test is 90 marks Section – Carries 130 marks There will be 30 questions, each with one mark question Section 2 60 Mark questions will come up
4. Objective questions are asked at both stages
5. You will have a negative mark in both sections
6. You will have a selection based on the number of children who have applied

Odisha BED Arts 2020 Section 1 Exam Pattern 

                           Section 1 – 30 Marks 

Sl. No.  





No. of Questions

1. Language (English) 10 10
2. Education and General Awareness 05 05
3. Reasoning 05 05
4. Teaching Aptitude 10 10
Total 30 30

Odisha BED Arts 2020 Section 2 Exam Pattern

Sl. No.  





No. of Questions

1. General English 15 15
2. Odia 10 10
3. History & Political Science 20 20
4. Geography 15 15
Total 60 60


Full Syllabus Odisha BED Arts  2020

I keep telling you that one of the important things that comes up in your syllabus is that there is no guarantee that you will have to pay attention to all the topics. Here I am providing what you need for your exam You can also download her notes by clicking on the topic


Synonyms and Antonyms ( )-–
The same word and antonym – the word means the word that has the same or almost the same meaning in another language as another word or other word. An antonym is the opposite of another word For example, the antonym of the day is the night

Cloze Test 
This test contains an empty pass and we have to complete by filling in the blanks. Students should pay close attention to reading the paragraphs and then be able to know the right or appropriate words to fill.

Fill in the blanks 
Under this heading, you need to find a suitable word to fill It creates questions that are just empty Statements need to be carefully read and memorized and then the most appropriate option is chosen.

Spelling Test (ବନାନ ପରୀକ୍ଷା) —
Spelling techniques can be improved mainly by trying to find a word that you are not sure of, keeping a dictionary in hand, keeping a list of words you know.
Idioms and Phrases (ଭାବନା ଏବଂ ବାକ୍ୟାଂଶ) -–

One-word substitution –
Sentence or Phrase Improvement (ବାକ୍ୟ ବା ବାକ୍ୟାଂଶ ଉନ୍ନତି) –
Sentence correction/ Spotting the error –
Fill in the blanks –
Active/ Passive Voice –
Direct-Indirect Speech –
Reading Comprehension:
Sentence Rearrangement:
Sentence & Tense :


(I) Everyday science
(II) Political system and its evolution
(III) General information
(IV) Educational Commissions & Committees
(V) New Educational Initiatives
(VI) Educational Organizations.


1. Coding-Decoding
2. Puzzles
3. Direction and Distance
4. Order and ranking
5. Syllogism
6. Blood relations
7. Seating arrangement
8. Inequalities
9. Statement And Assumptions
10. Statement and course of action
11. Statement And Argument
12. Number Series
13. Analogy
14. Figure Counting
15. Alphabetical Number Series

4. Teaching Aptitude

1. Teaching: Nature, Objective, Characteristics and Basic Requirements
2. Learner’s Characteristics
3. Factors Affecting Teaching
4. Methods of Teaching
5. Teaching Aids
6. Evaluation System
7. Solving problem of educational context
8. managing classroom and learning
9. Learner and learning related issues
10. goals of education
11. role of various agencies and organization in management of education
12. issues related to teaching-learning strategies.

Odisha Bed 2020 Arts Section 2 

Full Geography Syllabus for Odisha BED Arts 2020

Indian Geography

  1. Basics of India
    1. Location, latitude, longitude, time zone, etc.
    2. Neighbours
    3. Important straits
    4. States and their position
    5. States with international boundaries
  2. Physical features
    1. The Himalayas – geological formation, climate, vegetation, soil, biodiversity, physiographic divisions, major passes, significance
    2. The Great North Indian Plains – geological formation, physiographic divisions, climate, vegetation, soil, biodiversity, significance
    3. Peninsular Plateau – geological formation, Central Highlands, Deccan Plateau, Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats
    4. Indian Desert
    5. Coastal plains and islands
  3. River systems
    1. Himalayan rivers
    2. Peninsular rivers
    3. River basins
    4. Regional development and planning
    5. Hydropower projects, major dams
    6. West-flowing and east-flowing rivers
    7. Interlinking of rivers
  4. Climate
    1. Monsoons – driving mechanism, El Nino, La Nina
    2. Seasons
    3. Cyclones
  5. Minerals and industries – mineral distribution, industrial policies, location
  6. Agriculture
    1. Land utilisation
    2. Types of agricultural practices
    3. Green revolution
    4. Soils and crops
    5. Irrigation
    6. Land reforms
    7. Animal husbandry
    8. Government schemes
  7. Natural vegetation and fauna
    1. Classification of natural vegetation
    2. Rainfall distribution
    3. Biosphere reserves, national parks, etc.
    4. Red-listed species
  8. Economic infrastructure
    1. Transportation (highways, inland waterways, etc.)
    2. Power and energy sector
    3. Conventional and non-conventional sources of energy
    4. Energy conservation
  9. Human Geography
    1. Demographics
    2. Recent census

World Geography

  1. Major natural regions
  2. Regional geography of developed countries
  3. Regional geography of developing countries
  4. Regional geography of South Asia

Physical Geography

  1. Geomorphology
    1. Origin of the earth
    2. Interior of the earth
    3. Types and characteristics of rocks
    4. Folding and Faulting
    5. Volcanoes, earthquakes
    6. Interior of the earth
    7. Weathering
    8. Landforms formed by fluvial, aeolian and glacial actions
  2. Climatology
    1. Atmosphere – structure and composition
    2. Temperature
    3. Pressure belts
    4. Wind systems
    5. Clouds and types of rainfall
    6. Cyclones and anti-cyclones
    7. Major climatic types
  3. Oceanography
    1. Ocean relief
    2. Temperature, salinity
    3. Ocean deposits
    4. Ocean currents
    5. El Nino and La Nina
    6. Waves and tides
  4. Biogeography
    1. Soil – origin and types
    2. Major biomes of the world
    3. Ecosystem, food chain
    4. Environmental degradation and conservation
Odia Grammar full syllabus for Odisha BED Arts 2020
    3. PADA & ITS TYPE
    5. BISESY
    9. TENSE
    11. PASSAGE

History Full Syllabus for Odisha BED ARTS 2020

  • The Pre – Historic Period
  • Indus Valley Civilization (2500 – 1800 BC)
  • The Vedic Period: the Aryans
  • The Emergence of Kingdoms or Mahajanpadas
  • Growth of Jainism and Buddhism
  • Magadha Empire (Sixth Century to Fourth Century BC)
  • Persian and Macedonian invasions
  • The Mauryan Empire (321 – 289 BC)
  • Post – Mauryan Period
  • The Gupta Dynasty (AD 320 – 550)
  • Rise of Feudalism in India
  • The Vardhanas (AD 550 – 647)
  • The Rajputs (AD 650 – 1200)
  • The Southern Dynasties
  •  The Coming of Islam
  • The Mughal Dynasty (1526 – 1540 and 1555 – 1857)
  •  Regional Powers during Mughal Period
  • The Coming of The Europeans
  • British East India Company And The British Rule
  • Social And Religious Movements In The Nineteenth Century
  • Viceroys of India
  • Indian Freedom Struggle
  • British Rule After The 1857 Revolt
  • Government of India Act, 1858
  • Administrative, Social And Judicial System After 1858Rise of Nationalism
  •  Indian National Congress (Inc)
  • The Early Phase of Freedom Struggle (1900 – 1915)
  •  Middle Phase Of The Freedom Struggle (1915 – 1930)
  • Closer To Freedom (1930 – 1947)
  • Indian Wins Freedom
AGE Crateria for Odisha BED Entrance 2020
Category  Age
SC, ST, SEBC Candidate  33 Year
Women Candidate  33 years
General  28 Years
PH Candidate  38 Years


Application Fee for Odisha BED Entrance 2020

GENERAL / OBC  500 / –
SC / ST  300 / –


How to apply Odisha BED Entrance 2020

Here are some steps to apply online for Odisha BED admission in 2020:

  1. Visit the candidate website www.samsodisha.gov.in or the following link in this post.
  2. Click on the “Teacher Education͛ & SCERT option” on the homepage
  3. Next page, click on the “New User Registration” link
  4. On the registration page, create a name, email ID and mobile number registration and password for the candidates.
  5. Candidates can login as “Existing Student Login” with mobile number and password to complete the application form if you have already applied.
  6. Fill out the Meditation Form Don’t make a mistake because your form can be rejected even with a little mistake.
  7. Once the online application is complete, save a copy of the application form and keep it with you or you will need it later.
Apply Online Here  Click Here
Download Syllabus  Click here 
Official Website  Click Here
Click Here to Video Class Click Here
Join Telegram  Click Here
Buy BED Arts 2020 Book  Click Here
Join Facebook Page Click Here
Key Tips to Prepare for ODISHA BED Exam 2020?

Learn about BED Pattern 2020:

(i) In BED , 90 questions will be asked to bear a total of 90 marks

(ii) It will be managed through online mode

(iii) Question There will be objective types of questions on the computer and you will have to take the test test there.

(iv) Read the question carefully and write the answer so that the CT exam has negative or negative marks.

Follow theBED Entrance syllabus well:

(i) The question paper will come in bilingual (Oriya / English)

(ii) The syllabus includes a variety of topics, it is very important that you prepare a specific study plan to fully prepare each topic of the syllabus.

(iii) Read the syllabus given above and try to take video classes every day.

Focus on your weak areas of study:

(i) Pay close attention to the situation in which you are weak

(ii) Try to read and learn more about everything and pay more attention to what is weak.

(iii) For stronger areas, you don’t need to focus on too much but practice more and more questions on those topics.

(iv) Practice BED previous year question paper to understand your weakness Which you will find below

Read a good book to pass BED–

(i) Prepare at least one important textbook for each subject as described in the CT exam syllabus.

(ii) Prefer a book where you can get all theories and MCQ notes so that it will be difficult to pass the exam if you have not read the book.

(iii) We have created a best book for you where you will also get important MCQs with complete theory. You can prefer this E – BOOK You can download the book below by clicking on the photo or BUY NOW which will be available at a very low price.

Practice making SHORT notes –

(i) Once you start your preparation, try making small notes of the items.

(ii) These SHORT notes will help to amend the entire syllabus at the last minute before the examination.

(iii) Highlight the important points in your SHORT note that may benefit you during the revision period.

Review all theories before the exam:

(i) Once the full syllabus is completed, try to revise all the important points on a weekly basis.

(ii) Try to remember ideas, important theories, and formulas during revision.

(iii) Don’t just try to make it public, but try to understand it

Practice doing mock exams regularly:

(i) It is very important to regularly try the BED Mock test to score good marks in the exam.

(ii) This allows you to analyze your knowledge score and improve your preparation rate.

(iii) On the basis of McTest, you can manage your time effectively and efficiently

BED 2020 Exam Qualifying Marks:

Try to solve all 90 questions and answer as many questions as you can or why it has minus marking.

For the general category, you have to score a minimum of 60 marks out of 90 marks to qualify for the BED exam.

For SC and ST categories, you have to score between a minimum of 45-55 out of 90 marks to qualify for the BED exam.

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