odisha ri and amin syllabus 2021 PDF Download

May 16, 2020

odisha ri and amin syllabus 2021 PDF Download


This post will be very helpful for those who want to apply for OSI’s RI and Amin posts. There are 1239 post vacancies for RI and Amin . Its application will start on last February Those who want to apply can apply

odisha ri and amin syllabus
odisha ri and amin syllabus

RI & AMIN Selection process

1. First the applicants will be selected for the Physical Fitness Test as per the tenth and +2 marks of Keriya.

2. Candidates who are considered eligible for physical fitness will take the written test

3. You have to take a computer test after passing the written test

We have given the details for the AMIN and RI tests in this article

OSSC RI, RI AMIN Exam Pattern :

A candidates have to qualify the following steps to became eligible for the job.

A. Shortlisting By Career mark

B. Physical Fitness Test

C. Written Examination 

  1. General Knowledge (For R.I. only) :100 Marks : 1:30 Hours
  2. Arithmetic : 100 Marks : 1:30 Hours
  3. Basic Computer Skills : 50 Marks : 1 Hour
  4. Handwriting in Odia : 50 Marks : 1 Hour

D. Basic Computer Skills (Practical) : 50 Marks : 1 hour

OSSSC RI, AMIN, ARI Syllabus Exam Pattern || ( odisha ri and amin syllabus)

A. Shortlisting By Career mark

The applications shall be scrutinized to determine the eligibility and to make a screening of the candidates on the basis of the percentage of marks obtained in the High School Certificate (Class ten)/equivalent and Higher Secondary (Plus two) examinations giving equal weightage.

B. Physical Fitness Test

? To begin with, the shortlisted candidates shall have to appear a Physical Fitness Test. In order to qualify in this test, a candidate-

? If a male, must not be less than 160 centimetres (155 cm in case of SC/ST candidates) in height and 80 centimetres round the chest;

? If a woman, must not be less than 150 centimetres (145 cm in case of SC/ST candidates) in height; and

? Must be knowing cycling and swimming.

C. Written Examination odisha ri and amin syllabus

The candidates who qualify in the test of physical fitness shall be eligible to appear a Written Test for 350 marks for the post of R.I. and 250 marks for the post of ARI and Amin as mentioned above. The syllabus of the examination will be like this.


1. General knowledge Syllabus  (MCQ type): – 100 marks

What to study?

1. All government scheme

2. All State Government Scheme

3. Recently Published Government Important Mobile App

4. Recently Published Important Website.

5. Important Summit & Meeting

6. Important Festival Inaugurate by Famous Personality

7. Recently Inaugurated Organization by Famous Personality

8. Recently Organize All Military Exercise

9. About that country who visit recently India ( his PM, President, Capital, Currency)

10. About that country where india famous person visit.

11. Day & their Themes

12. Recently Organized All Award ( Sports, Film, Education, All important sector ) like –

13. Recently  Organized Prize  ( NOBLE PRIZE)

14. Recently Organized Film Festival

15.Recently Changed Placed Name

16. CEO Of all company ( Privat & Government)

17. Brand Ambassadors of All Company

18. India Ranking & Index in various sector

17. Recently Created Word and their Full Form

18. Important Book & Authors

19. All Union Minister

20. All State minister List

21. All State Chief Justice

22. All state Governor

23. Recently held important Activity ( like – Article 370, jammu Kashmir Explosion, Chandrayan 2)

24. Recently Held government topic ( Union budget, Motor Vehicles amembented )

25. Recently dies important People

26.Recntly Ingurated Govt Service

27. 12 Month Full Currents Affairs

Visit :- Digital Odisha You Tube Channel (Static GK TRICKS Based on Previous Papers – YouTube )

Also Visit Daily www.digitalodishaedu.com for daily study material.

Let us Learn G.K with Memory TRICKS

Let v prove Learning GK is FUN & Interesting

Note ;- Without Remembering GK U won’t Get any JOB even Government Sweeper it shows How important Static GK.

What preparation material should I use?

Keep your preparation resources minimum. Hoarding up too many books and other study material will only end up confusing you. We suggest the following resources for Raiwlay Group D-1 General Knowledge preparation. However, do not spend too much time in reading these cover to cover, be selective in reading from these resources and read up only on those topics   that are most likely to appear in your Railway Exam & OSSSC Exam:

Details Video For odisha ri and amin syllabus)

odisha RI and AMIN full Syllabus In odia || ଓଡିଶା RI ଓ ଅମିନ ପରୀକ୍ଷା ପେଟର୍ନ 2020 || ଟୋଟାଲ ପୋଷ୍ଟ -870

General Studies odisha ri and amin syllabus

What to study?

List of 30+ Most Important G.K Topics

1.Countries Currency & Capital

2. Articles , Amendments , schedules

3.National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries

4.Power plants

5.Discoveries & Inventions

6.Bank Taglines & Headquarter

7. National & International Organisation Headquarters

8.Dams on Rivers

9. Cities on Rivers

10.River Tributaries & other Names

11.Day & its Importance



14.Sports Terms , persons

15.Awards & their Field

16.Indian states & Famous Dance

17.state and its Festival


17.Mountains , passes

18.Ocean Trenches

19.Lakes Place & it’s importance

20.History Dates , Dynasty and Founders

21.state wise Crop & Mineral Production

22.Temples , mosques

23.First in world or India

24.Caves , Valleys


26.Terminology ,Ologies , Branches meaning , Vocabulary


28.Tribal Groups

29. Country Parliament Name


31. state and International Boundaries

32.Physics , Biology ,Chemistry Tricks …….etc

Math Syllabus For odisha ri and amin syllabus

(1) Simplification

Mark: Questions 7-10

Topics: BODMAS Rule, Estimated Price, Sky Route, Percent, Fraction, LCM, HCF, Sky Quib

(2) Data Interpretation

Mark: 4-5 questions

Topics: table graphs, pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs

(3) Algebra

Mark: 10-12 questions

Topics: equation questions, quadratic equations, polynomials, unit numbers

(4) Percentge

Mark: 5-7 questions

Topic: Percentage deductions will come up

(5) Number System

Mark: 8-10 questions

Topics: Addition of all types of numbers, such as even numbers, even numbers, fractions, divisions and residues

(6) Ratio & Proportion

Mark: Questions 7-8

Subjects: Simple Ratio, Compound Ratio, Direct Ratio and Indirect Ratio, Fourth Ratio, Age-Related Questions, Medium Ratio

(7) Mixture Problem

Mark: 3-4 questions

Topic: The combination of more than two units, the question of the type of mixing

(8) Mensuration

Mark: 4-5 questions

Subjects: square, rectangle, circle or half circle, triangle

(9) Average

Mark: 5-7 questions

Topics: Weighted average, high-low average, age, number, temperature, etc.

(10) Time & Work

Mark: 5-7 questions

Subjects: work capacity, work and labor, women’s and men’s work, pipes and tanks

(11) Speed, Time and Distance

Mark: 8-10 questions

Topics: train questions, boat and train questions, average speed

(12) Interest

Mark: Questions 7-10

Topics: Common Interest (SI), Cyclical Interest (CI), Related Questions on CI and SI

(13) Profit & Loss (Profit & Loss)

Mark: Questions 7-10

Topics: profit loss question, purchase and sale question, profit and loss question related to partner ship, discount ,, purchase price, sale sale question

(14) Geometry

Mark: 4-5 questions

Topic: Triangle, all questions related to geometry

(15) Trigonometry

Mark: 3-4 questions

Subject: Angle and measurement, distance between corners

(16) Probability

Mark: 5-8 questions

Topics: money related questions, card related questions, force related questions

(17) Partnership

Marks: 4-5 marks

Computer Syllabus For odisha ri and amin syllabus

1. Computer Fundamental 

2. MS Windows: 

3. Introduction of Windows

4. MS Office: MS Word, 

5. MS Power Point 

6. MS Excel

7. Internet & Networking

4. Handwriting (Odia Language) Test- – 50 marks

(a) Grammar : 20 Marks

(b) Composition : 10 Mark

? Essay writing on familiar topics (within 250 words) : 10 Marks

? Letter Writing (Personal letter, Applications, Business or Official) (within 150 words) : 05 Marks

? Translation (One English passage of around 100 words to be translated into Odia) : 05 Marks

(c) Comprehension of an unseen prose passage (5 x 2) = 10 marks Five short questions to be asked

C. Practical Skill Test : 50 marks 

WINDOWS operating system: To test some of the following basic system operations on file/folder(s): Create, Rename, Copy/Cut/Paste, Delete

MS Word: A Paragraph in MS Word incorporating some of the tools given below:- Editing and formatting text and paragraph, Page and Paragraph Setup

MS Power Point: A Power Point presentation with 2/3 slides using the tools given below: Editing and formatting slides

MS Excel: A problem in spreadsheet related to some of the tools given below:- Formatting cells and data, functions, Printouts of the documents(s) should be attached with the answer sheet.”

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